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Ultra-Tec 500-C Series Cable Railing Kit For Wood Posts With Composite Sleeves (Pitched Runs Only)

Ultra-Tec 500-C Series Cable Railing Kit For Wood Posts With Composite Sleeves (Pitched Runs Only)
Ultra-Tec 500-C Series Cable Railing Kit For Wood Posts With Composite Sleeves

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The 500-C Series Cable Railing Kit by Ultra-Tec features a surface-mount configuration, along with two different cable size options, a wide variety of lengths. It is designed specifically for use on pitched (stair) runs that have wooden posts with composite sleeves with an outside diameter greater than 4½". The tensioning device is an Adjust-A-Body with Threaded Eye, which attaches via mounting screw to the extended lag eye on one end post, while a Push-Lock with Threaded Eye attaches to the other end post. With this kit's 100% swageless design specifically made for DIY homeowners, it will completely eliminate the need for expensive professional installation while also making your deck look great!

Swageless fittings are made to be equipped with only the use of hand tools and can easily be installed by hand in the field, unlike traditional cable railings that require the use of a special swaging machine that crimps the fittings onto the cables. Additionally, swageless fittings can be removed and re-used for fixing or replacing the components or posts that the cable run goes through. By using swageless fittings, you eliminate the use of expensive installers and machinery because it can all be done with household tools in a matter of minutes.

Surface-Mount configurations are the only types of installations that the 500-C Series can be used with. Surface-Mount installations create an organized, clean look while also serving as a secure means of installing your cable railing in situations where the back of the post is inaccesible. The 500-C Series should not be used on corner installations because it is not recommended to bend cables through a sleeved post, therefore stair to landing installations need to be on two seperate runs.


  • Swageless Design
  • 4½" Or Greater Wood Posts With Composite Sleeves Only
  • Pitched (Stair) Runs Only
  • Surface-Mount Configuration
  • Cable Diameters: 1/8" or 3/16"
  • Cable Lengths: 5', 10', 15', 20', 25', 30', 40' and 50'
  • Stainless Steel Grade 316: Indoor/Outdoor Use


  • 1x19 Stainless Steel Cable
  • Adjust-A-Body With Threaded Eye
  • Pre-Attached Swaging Ferrule
  • Push-Lock With Threaded Eye
  • (2) SC-6 Screws
  • (2) Extended Length Lag Eyes

Wood Post Installations

For wooden post installations, a minimum size of 4" x 4" (3½" Sq.) is required to keep the post from bending when cables are tensioned. A top rail is also needed and recommended to be reinforced with a support such as a 2" x 4" on end under the top rail. End posts must also be securely mounted to the deck in order to prevent the post from coming loose while tensioning cables. A bottom rail is recommended for helping distribute the force away from the bottom of the post, however it is not required.

Intermediate Posts

Intermediate posts (or mid-posts) are to be placed every 48" between end posts. An intermediate post runs from the top rail to the lower mounting surface and is integral for proper structural design. Intermediate posts can be substituted with something thinner such as an aluminum or steel cable brace. Cables are strung through holes in each post in order to provide support between end posts. Each post hole made should not exceed 3" vertical spacing in order to comply with IBC regulations. Cable Braces can be purchased here

Pitched Installations

Top posts are often corner posts, which may often require the stair run to connect to the face of the post. The top and bottom of the cable run should be connected perpendicular to those posts, and only the intermediate posts would be drilled on the angle for the cables to run through. This kit can be used to go up a stair and across a landing by inserting post protector tubes in the break-over point. These will prevent the cable from carving a groove into your wood posts where it exits at an angle.

Tools Needed For Installation:

  • 5/32 Drill Bit For 1/8" Cable / 7/32 Drill Bit For 3/16" Cable
  • 9/32 Drill Bit For Lag Eye Installation
  • 7/16 Wrench For Tensioning Adjust-A-Body
  • 5/32 Hex Wrench To Tighten Mounting Screws
  • Cable Cutting Tool

Application Guide Installation Guide

*In order to comply with IBC regualtions, an intermediate post must be placed every 48" between posts and distance between each cable shall be no more than 3" clear span (for example if you are using 1/8" cable, you would space them 3-1/8" apart), however specific city and state rules and regulations may apply.


Additional Information

SKU 500-C
Cable Kit Series 500-C
Post Type Wood Post With Composite Sleeve
Mount Type Surface Mount
Application Interior/Exterior
Cable Railing Design Swageless
Kit Assembly Components Adjust-A-Body With Threaded Eye, Extended Length Lag Eye, Pre-Attached Swaging Ferrule, Push-Lock With Threaded Eye, SC-6 Screw
Cable Run Pitched (Angled)
Cable Material 316 Grade 1x19 Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Installation DIY Friendly
Environmental Impact Made Of Recycled Materials
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Ultra-Tec

Ultra-Tec 500-C Series Cable Railing Kit For Wood Posts With Composite Sleeves (Pitched Runs Only)